Kremlin Warning: Fake Medvedev Account In Twitter

Russia's Kremlin made an official announcement warning Russian Internet users regarding the fake Twitter-channel @blog_medvedev that is being updated on behalf of Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev. According to the announcement, this channel is not related to the President.

Red flags went up when @blog_medvedev published yesterday a question to Twitter users, asking what they think about Mikail Prokhorov and would they vote for the oligarch.


The same tweet also had a question if Mikhail Prokhorov is worthy of the PM position. The official statement that came couple of hours after this tweet was published, the official Kremlin made it clear that Twitter channel @blog_medvedev is a fake and is not related to Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev in any way. Real presidential accounts on Twitter are kremlin.russia and medvedev.russia. These accounts are used by Dmitry Medvedev to communicate with Internet users, Kremlin announced.


Поддельный блог Медведева

Screenshot of the tweet from the fake Medvedev Twitter-account: "What do you think about Mikhail Prokhorov as a leader of [the political party] 'Right Cause/Pravoye Delo? Would you vote for an oligarch? Is he worthy to be PM?'"


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