Vladimir Putin About Internet - Conversation With Putin 2011 #putin #Russia

On 15 December 2011, Russia's PM Vladimir Putin has answered quesions of Russian citizens in a live TV show "Conversation With Putin 2011". The live broadcast of this almost five-hour show came on Russia-24 channel. Among other questions Vladimir Putin has expressed his position regarding the Internet.


While answering the questions received from viewers, Vladimir Putin pointed out that he thinks it's impossible to restrain the Internet. According to Putin, it's technologically difficult and politically wrong.


"There is only one way to confront - that is by offering other options and solutions on the same platform, and by doing it much more creative and interesting," believes Russia's PM.


Vladimir Putin also noted that the Internet is often used for criminal purposes. That's why he believes that the "law enforcement agencies have to watch what is happening on the Internet, such as pedophilia and other problems."


"Culture or even incivility of what is going on on the Internet is the same what is happening on roads [in our cities]," V. Putin.


Unlike Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev, as we could hear from the answers of Russia's PM, Vladimir Putin is not into the Internet because of the lack of time, as he says.


To find out what Russian Twitter users are saying about the live broadcast sow "Conversation With Putin 2011", type in #putin (#путин) in Twitter search.


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